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This is because I knew if I left my room, I ran the risk of small talk turning into a three-hour group conversation that I just didn’t feel able to handle on a regular basis.It never occurred to me that being unapologetic and confident with who I am is the quickest way for others to understand that needing time away from them now and again isn’t personal.

Then there’s the endless #FOMO of Instagram and Twitter, the way-too-loud Snapchat stories by your friend who seems to live in the local nightclub, and all of those group chats constantly dinging in your Whatsapp.

With all that going on, it’s no wonder we all suffer from a little phone fatigue from time to time.

But the idea of 24-hour socialising can be the stuff of nightmares for introverts, who are easily socially over-stimulated, and can be drained of their energy pretty quickly, especially when around larger groups of people and those they don’t know very well.

Small talk, in particular, can be a real effort for introverts, who prefer one-to-one, in-depth conversations.

While the after-effects might not be quite so severe for all of us (experts say we all lie on a spectrum of introversion and extroversion), round-the-clock socialising is more likely to burn you out quicker if you’re an introvert, which won’t be conducive to passing those exams.

Social pressures, like the ones caused by the need to be constantly “on” during freshers' week, often compel introverts to act more extroverted for the fear of coming across as anti-social or unfriendly if they decline invitations to any kind of social gathering to spend time alone.

Obviously, this isn’t how you want to come across to others, particularly when you’re starting at university.

In a recent blog post, writer Shawna Courter spoke about the after-effects of an introvert ignoring their need for solitude, which she calls “introvert hangovers”.

marathon at 3am, but are suddenly struck by the fact that the person on the other end of the mail will see the timestamp and judge us intensely for our weird sleeping pattern.

Luckily, Boomerang lets you type your reply and schedule it for a more appropriate time, meaning no more 5am emails to your boss!

One benefit of going to university is that it offers the opportunity to mix with people from a vast array of different backgrounds and circumstances.

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