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A 2008 voter-intimidation case has become a political controversy for the Obama administration as conservative lawyers, politicians and commentators raise concerns that the Department of Justice has failed to protect the civil rights of white voters.

The discussion centers on whether the Justice Department's civil rights division mishandled a lawsuit against members of the New Black Panther Party, which was filed weeks before the Obama administration took office.

Gaziano and other conservative members of the commission want to subpoena other Justice employees to dig further.

Ryan is the same reporter who Donald Trump assumed would organize a meeting for him (aka, not her job) with the Congressional Black Caucus just months earlier. #Black Women At Work https://t.co/Le6c UKYFo4— Be A King (@Bernice King) March 29, 2017Black women recognized these interactions between two professional black women trying to do their jobs and white male figures as the same undermining BS they deal with on a daily basis.

Campaign Zero founder, Brittany Packnett, said as much via Twitter.

Christian Adams, who was hired during the Bush administration and helped develop the case, told the Commission on Civil Rights that he believed the case had been narrowed because some of his colleagues in the civil rights division were interested in protecting only minorities.

"There is no doubt that some people were hostile to this case," Adams said in a phone interview.

The suit was focused on the party and two of its members, who stood out front of a polling place in Philadelphia on Election Day 2008 wearing military gear.

They were captured on video and were accused of trying to discourage some people from voting. Conservatives complained last year when Justice officials narrowed the case, dropping the party and one of the men and focusing only the bearer of the stick.

Todd Gaziano, director of the center for legal and judicial studies at the conservative Heritage Foundation who also serves on the commission, disagreed.

"Anyone who has seen the video and who reads [Adams's] testimony knows this is something that needs to be investigated," he said.

Donald Trump’s call for volunteer election monitors is raising fears about voter intimidation at the polls this fall.

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