Intimidating things to say before a fight

Besides, your instructor and the other students know you are new.

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Then magically, one day my shins didn’t really bruise much anymore and when I caught the occasional knee or elbow to the shin in sparring, I was pretty much okay. As far as style and brand, that’s a personal choice. No one is going to think any less of you if you don’t want to.

Ask your instructor, fighters, or advanced students at your gym what they like and read online reviews… Crazy people like training that involves getting punched in the face.

At my gym, I try to make beginners feel comfortable and explain to them all the things they will need to know before they move on to the mixed level classes, but I will probably always fall short.

It’s so hard to remember all the things beginners don’t know because it’s been so long since I was one.

I am always grateful when a student asks me a question that is very obvious to me, but they couldn’t possibly know without being told.

It gives me a chance to share with them my experience and pass on knowledge that was passed down to me in a true tradition of martial arts.

If you have been in the fight scene for a while, you forget what it was like when you first started.

For a newbie, instructors, fighters, and other students are intimidating. You don’t know a Thai pad from a kick pad, Thai oil smells funny, three minutes of jump rope feels like an eternity, and you have no idea how to take 180 inches of fabric and somehow with what seems like 37 different twists and turns, wrap it neatly around your hand without either cutting off your circulation or having the whole wrap fall apart after the warm-up.

2) When you do get a bump, bruise, or pain of practically any kind on your leg, shin, or foot 3) Rub out your shins and legs with Thai oil before training. There was a bunch of soft tissue on the top of my shin that gave me grief in the beginning.

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