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It’s easy to Google “Defend The Land” and trace Cleveland’s relationship with it back to last year’s playoffs. Oklahoma City Thunder — “OKC Thunder” This is not here because we’re a Rockets blog and we’re playing the Thunder. Clippers -- “It Takes Everything” What takes everything?

It’s here because the Thunder playoff shirt this year is just “OKC Thunder.” That’s it. The Clippers are on the verge of breaking up their All-Star trio of Paul-Griffin-Jordan, facing another devastating injury and still haven’t made the Western Conference Finals. It easily passes the “inspiring test.” Hell there’s probably a bulls fan in a Pippen jersey yelling this outside the United Center without even knowing it’s the team’s slogan this year.

They’re the unexpected and disrespected gritty underdog. Here’s the negative: Coach David Fizdale created TWO better slogans in a single press conference after game 2: “You won’t rook us” and “Take that for data.” At the end of the day, this isn’t even the best Grizzlies shirt/slogan from years past. Better phrases: “Grit and Grind,” “We Don’t Bluff,” anything with ‘Grindhouse,’ just yelling “Don’t fuck with Zach Randolph,” or “We can still beat you up.” If you can’t envision Randolph yelling it at an opposing team’s fan while walking through the tunnel then it’s not a keeper. Boston Celtics — “It’s Not Luck” I love things that are so bad they’re good. There’s tons of Celtic Pride and this comes up short for a franchise with a ton to work with. Soon after that the Hawks started trumpeting that they were “True To Atlanta.” Plus the color of these shirts is great. Not make it a lawn mowing or car washing shirt the second it got home. By the way, the inspiring test is “will you yell this after paying $36 for three beers.” It’s the perfect mix of being tipsy and angry about paying a ton for Bud Light. 20,562 whiteout tees & towels await the best fans in the land, thanks to @linglongtire! This is the line an action hero mutters after vanquishing the super-villain. “Welcome to the spin zone.” Destroy the super-villain’s castle with his own briefcase explosives?

And despite securing the number one seed Boston’s still going to need luck to dethrone the Cavs. Going back to the Clippers, someone would have to cross the wildly dangerous threshold of 10 beers before bellowing “It takes everything.” And you’d only yell it after emptying your bank account to cover your bail for the justified public intoxication arrest. In addition to the team name everything Jazz has flown under the radar all season. #Defend The Land B2vqkwn3M— Cleveland Cavaliers (@cavs) April 17, 2017 Well played. Milwaukee Bucks — “Fear The Deer” Sure, it’s an old slogan. “Case closed.” Be the young upstart team who puts a hurt on the Raptors running on high hopes?

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And the Warriors straight ripped their slogan, “Defend Our Ground,” from Cleveland.

Who somewhat notably defeated them in the NBA Finals last year...

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