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Crvena Zvezda, as they are known in Serbian, currently top their domestic table, four points clear of bitter rivals Partizan, and are in a good position to add to the 27 domestic titles already to their name.

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You use creativity to push your limits as far as they can go, experiment with various things that may or may not work, and you know all about the risks involved when conflict comes your way.

You are a true renegade, fighting for what you believe in and standing up for what's right.

The Renegade: You are a rebel who decides not to play by the rules.

You defy all else when it comes to you and your endgame goals.

This probably means that they found someone or something better to occupy their time. Check them out and let us know if we missed any in the comments below!

If you were a priority to this person, yeah, maybe sometimes they wouldn't get back to you right away, but generally, you should be getting a reply back pretty quick. These will certainly come in handy for every Windows and Mac user out there. For those who were emotionally abused growing up, this fact can be a nightmare.

Whenever I play against Arsenal – and this is just a personal thing – I go up and think "let me whack the first one, then we will see who wants it.' While the Europa League clash may lack the aggression, hatred and violence of those clashes with Partizan, Red Star games are notoriously hostile, with fans previously setting fire to parts of the stadium.

But Arsenal will also be facing a side with a rich history of its own.

The current crop of Red Star players is built this way, with few names recognisable on the world stage.

Arsenal fans will spot a Le Tallec on tonight's team-sheet, with Damien Le Tallec, brother of former Liverpool striker Anthony, having been at the club since 2016.

The Healer: You like to come up with resolutions for unnecessary conflicts.

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