Intimadating lee

Believing that they were bonding, Pakkun explained that summoned creatures were different from Akamaru who was around Kiba all the time, and as such, they did not require watching.

After telling them that they could not neglect their duties, the animals all scatter.

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Gamakichi's story, however, gets out of hand and Neji is forced to attack them to stop it. Meanwhile Guy and Lee chases down the ninken pack that end up using Summoning Technique: Earth Release: Tracking Fang Technique to attack him but this is misinterpreted as them wanting to play with him.

The same occurs with Lee when Kiba and Akamaru attacks him with the Fang Passing Fang, even beginning to trade the dogs with each other.

As they travel to their destination, Sai attempts to give nicknames to Lee and Tenten only to fail in the process and later runs away when Lee attempts to hug him after being moved by his story of having no feelings and only just learning of friendship.

When they arrive at the location, Yamato tells them that the base was more than likely underground and, beginning the infiltration, merges with a tree, fully expecting the rest to follow.

Before the enemy-nin can injure Lee, however, his comrades arrive.

Using the little ink left, Sai brings Lee's eyebrows to life forming giant constructs to attack the enemy, acquire the scroll, and then wings to flee the base.As they are about to depart to retrieve a secret scroll stolen by missing-nin from another village, Yamato explains to the team what it means to be an ANBU.Seemingly irritated, Sai asks Lee whether he had a penis or not, to which Lee emphatically replies that he did.All the noise being made by the Konoha-nin soon draws enemy attention.With little time to spare, Yamato — following Lee's instructions — creates an oden shop, which the enemy find inconspicuous at first after seeing it.Back in the Hokage's office, the scroll is revealed to contain a secret Wood Release technique to create the same giant robot Yamato had used on the mission.

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