Internet sex chat messages for free reading

On the 'Wild' setting, they last for 12 hours, and expire after three hours on 'Insane'.

There's a few interesting security measures designed to protect your messages from screenshots, too.

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" /Stories don't have the depth of literary short stories or novels but are engaging enough to get teens reading.

Teens can write and submit their own chat stories, too, giving them a chance to publish their writing.

The use of emoticons is also pervasive in online communications and texting.

Secure chat app Telegram offers a similar feature, allowing users to delete messages from both sides of a 'secret' chat with the tap of a button.

According to the Privates website, the app is useful for "business professionals" and "doctors" - but it's not hard to see where a screenshot-proof messaging app would come in handy. It remains to be seen whether Privates will take off.

Many i Phone users already have a number of messaging apps on their phone, and it's not clear whether Privates' security features will be enough of a draw for them to install another.

It's made by Wattpad, a website for user-generated writing.

Readers can read a limited amount each day for free or subscribe weekly, monthly, or annually.

Parents need to know that Tap - Chat Stories & Funny Texts by Wattpad is a collection of user-generated stories in the form of text messages.

It's made by Wattpad, a website for user-generated writing.

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