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“We can control the narrative on Twitter,” he continued.

“Mainstream media we’ve lost.” He said he hoped that Clinton’s Reno speech would elicit “a full-scale media attack on me,” adding, “I want this to become an international trending topic.”Clinton did not mention Cernovich, but she attacked Alex Jones, the paranoiac Texas radio host, and, the of the alt-right.

Grumpy Cat proved so popular that it spawned all sorts of spin-offs including stuffed toys, books, t-shirts and even a coffee drink.

Success kid (also known as "I hate sandcastles") became popular in around 2008 when a photo of a smug baby at the beach was used across the web on social media, mainly as personal profile photographs.

He has an adenoidal tenor and a lisp, but when he is indignant he can be an impassioned orator.

“The narrative is being written, and you’d better get off your fucking asses and write your own.” His feed filled with real-time comments.

Later, the photograph was Photoshopped and turned into thousands of different memes in the animal advice style or referencing his apparent hatred for sandcastles.

Success kid goes by the real name Sammy Griner and has now aged a few years, but still seems just as pleased with himself in all the recent photos we've seen.This popular meme spawned a trademark claim, a satirical form of cryptocurrency (Dogecoin) and much more besides.Grumpy Cat is a particularly irritable looking pussy who goes by the real name "Tardar Sauce".It also includes extremist commentators, long belittled or ignored by the media, whom mainstream pundits are now starting to take seriously.The afternoon before Clinton’s speech, Mike Cernovich, a thick-chested white man in his late thirties, sitting on a veranda in Southern California, opened the live-streaming app Periscope on his i Pad and filmed a video called “How to fight back against Sick Hillary and the #Clinton News Network.” By “Clinton News Network,” he meant CNN and other corporate media outlets.(@Canada Uncuck: “nice pool.”) Cernovich often blogs about fitness, and he publishes self-help books for men.

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