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I wanted to write from an authentic place in hopes that other people would be inspired to find an authentic place in themselves," he said."We have to take a really good look at our life and maybe be willing to stop long enough to take inventory of our nametag and ask God if it's true.

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Behind his American Music Award and Billboard chart-topping songwriting credits, Christian contemporary singer-songwriter Matthew West has struggled to overcome his insecurities.

Instead of putting up pretenses for the world, West is being vulnerable about his journey in his new book, that he hopes can help others find their true identities. But when the famous singer-songwriter lost his voice 10 years ago, everything changed and he was forced to re asses his life."I know I've had a platform as a singer-songwriter; I get to do concerts all around the country and God has blessed me so much.

These days, the entertainer said he is on a mission to be more authentic than ever before.

His latest book is a testament to that and also a tool that West hopes people can use on their journey to rediscovering their identity.

when I’m in person with him, like, it’s harder for me to tell him what I’m feeling.

So like I’ll think about it when we’re together, and then like afterwards I’ll probably text him like what I was feeling and tell him my problems.”“I think texting kind of makes you feel closer because – boys are more shy. my boyfriend, he doesn’t like to express himself like that.

But when we text, it seems like it’s so much easier for him to talk to me.

So I think he says more stuff, like how he feels through text. You can be Kik-ing Photos and posts can be used by teens to incite jealousy in others, often former partners, and lead to jealous feelings for some teens.

But inside I think some people who project confidence from the stage can be some of the most insecure people out there."West also finds himself struggling to be authentic after years of feeling pressured to present himself as a perfect professional Christian."I was the preacher's kid growing up and kind of felt like I had all the eyes of the church on me, maybe holding me to a higher standard at times.

Then I became a Christian singer and people were always watching me," he revealed. I wanted to write about that in the book because I wanted people to see that very real part of me.""I also needed to lay down that pretender part of me," West added.

More than just an internal issue, the budding author insists that reshaping a person's identity is a spiritual battle."Satan wants to do everything he can to get us to believe a lie about who we are because if he can get us to own a false identity, ultimately that false identity will turn around and own us," he said.

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