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As a source for new Toyota vehicles, like the all-new 2017 Toyota Tacoma in the Inland Empire area, Toyota of Riverside is dedicated to serving our entire surrounding community.Stop by our dealership for new and used car sales, Toyota financing and car loans, and Genuine Toyota parts and accessories.(By human trafficking, we’re talking about trapping kids into prostitution.) She works on the Riverside County sheriff’s Human Trafficking Task Force, but emphasizes that the facts and statistics she gives are for all of Inland. When I called her Friday night to chat, she made a point I should probably start with: Any day this week, it could be your child. Parents need to understand how it works and how to prevent it.” Human trafficking is the fastest growing crime in America. The first step is the pimps access the children, (in the Inland Empire the average age of a prostitute is under 13 years old.) The FBI said there were 750,000 child predators online at the beginning of 2013. “Never before have so many predators had info on kids with parents so uneducated about how to stop it,” said Singleton.

• “Regular kids” who make good targets are from broken homes, are using social media or do online gaming. In human trafficking, most kids are lost to Kik,” Singleton said to the group. They do not respond to subpoenas.” It can be used as a sexting site to share personal information. You spend your money on the sex act of your choice and when you’re through you kill her so you don’t lose your money. The kids fill in the blanks with what they want to believe.

“Google ‘GTA V prostitutes.’ While the kids are in this fantasy sexual first-person experience, people are chatting with them.” Once they have access to their targets, the pimps will convince them they care about them. “If you see ‘wifey’ or ‘daddy’ on your child’s cell phone in texts, take the phone to the police department immediately. Your kid is being groomed.” These kids are looking for family, so the pimp makes them feel like they found one.

Our quota was $500 but I had only made $50 that night, which I was forced to give back to the pimp. I came back with the $500, but in his mind, I still hadn’t learned my lesson. “Go on Backpage and Craigslist—go to Backpage right now and let’s see who’s for sale in Redlands,” she bade me, and we both did while we were on the line.

So he beat me in front of the other girls and made me go outside until I had made the money.

Opal Singleton has been speaking to groups in Redlands about human trafficking.

I caught her most recent presentation at the University of Redlands for AAUW and I think what I learned will shock you. Most people have a false sense of comfort (that their kids are safe because they’re regular kids.) A kid can be accessed, groomed and recruited on the Internet. Singleton did address the border crisis’ role in the problem, and you’ll see video footage of that linked to the online version of this column.Victims die of drugs, herpes, beatings, suicides, bad abortions. “Following me on Facebook will give you a tremendous education,” she says.Pimps will burn, electrocute, cut, beat, starve and overwork the kids. Our staff is here to take care of your automotive needs and we have a full Service Center available on-site and ready for your Toyota Care routine maintenance and service repairs.Simply schedule your service appointment online or give us a call at (951) 588-2272 to get started today! The all-new 2017 Toyota Tacoma is here and ready for immediate delivery at Toyota of Riverside!Singleton showed us a girl’s face, accompanied by this frightening story, which Singleton said is a typical example of human trafficking: “When I first went out on the streets, and I had to meet my first John, I felt like this was something I didn’t want to do.

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