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I thought that was sad.” There is some evidence that we are heading in that direction.

Burning Man and the oft-disrobed Lena Dunham aside, social nudity is rising among the younger set, and not just those with washboard abs.

There are hit TV series like Naked and Afraid and Dating Naked, and events such as Nudestock, “a Nude Rock and Roll Experience” and Bodyfest, a weekend-long extravaganza of music, dance, yoga, massage, and the occasional tug of war. D., a clinical psychologist in New York and the co-author of Face It: What Women Really Feel Like As Their Looks Change And What To Do About It. Let’s just display bodies, not perfect bodies.”The confining nature of the city inspires some people to go au naturel, believes Isis Phoenix, 34, who taught naked yoga in the city and also ran clothing-optional interfaith church services before moving to Leominster, Mass., last year.

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I think sexuality and certain types of things you might see in a movie is inappropriate, but the body in and of itself is not lewd, and that is an incredibly important distinction.

If we think of our own bodies as being inapporpaite, then we think of ourself in a very negative way.”Mr.

Still, the thought of staring into the butt cheeks of some big, hairy guy—or God forbid, him into mine—seems the opposite of enlightenment. But on a sweltering evening earlier this month, I visit Bold & Naked Yoga on 23rd Street to take a class taught by co-owner Monika Werner.

The studio had been offering unclothed classes for men for a few years, but after receiving requests from women they added a co-ed option in January 2014. “It’s such a freeing experience, so we wanted to share that.” There is no changing room, so I remove my shorts and T-shirt in the hallway and shove my clothes in a cubby.

Never mind that I only “needed” to lose 20 pounds at most, I felt fat, and fat, in my household and in the world at large, was one of the worst fates.

(Today, I joke that I suffer from something called “Reverse Body Dysmorphic Disorder”—a condition afflicting people who think they look better than they actually do.

In late August, the Young Nudist Leaders Summit presents its fourth annual confab for nudists between 18 and 35.

The three-day event includes a think tank-esque discussion entitled “What Are We Sharing With Others And How Are We Reaching Them” as well as daily Frisbee golf. “There’s been a wave of pushback against what naked beauty is,” says Vivian Diller, Ph.

For a fat person, or someone with body image challenges, the nightmare is that they are pointing at you and mocking you because of your body. ’ Men would say to me, ‘What happens if I get an erection in class?

So, in real life, stepping in front of a group of people fully naked and discovering that no one really gives a shit can help eradicate that fear. ’ There’s this cloak of shame that follows them from puberty and adolescence.”Indeed, there are interesting things a person can do, and there are unnecessary things, and somewhere in between there is having your unclothed body decorated before a throng of gawking strangers wielding cameras pointed directly at your breasts. It’s a heady feeling, prancing around the city nude, though I’d be happier without the throngs of tourists-cum-paparazzi.

“We don’t judge people, we don’t care if they have clothes. “For Jordan, his boss asked him to use a pseudonym,” Ms. He credits this to the fact that the younger generation has already forfeited its right to privacy.

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