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Just like a minor negligence while constructing a building can cost life of millions of residents , the same way a small error left unnoticed can prove to be fatal for your website.

Therefore, this implies that we must run our website through all necessary tests.

The Doctrine Binary will automatically find the first instance of Helper Set in the global variable namespace and use this. It will drop or alter tables, indexes, sequences and such.

Schema Tool assumes your Doctrine Project uses the given database on its own.

Update and Drop commands will mess with other tables if they are not related to the current project that is using Doctrine. This drops all the tables that are currently used by your metadata model.

on the command line and you should see an overview of the available commands or use the –help flag to get information on the available commands.

If you want to know more about the use of generate entities for example, you can call: command line tool is invoked, it can access all Commands that were registered by developer. The Doctrine binary already registers all the commands that currently ship with Doctrine DBAL and ORM.

It is meant for helping you develop your Database Schema, but NOT with migrating schema from A to B in production.

A safe approach would be generating the SQL on development server and saving it into SQL Migration files that are executed manually on the production server.It also has problems with naming of foreign keys that have multiple column names.Any Reverse Engineered Database-Schema needs considerable manual work to become a useful domain model.When you are changing your metadata a lot during development you might want to drop the complete database instead of only the tables of the current model to clean up with orphaned tables. It is a little helper and does not support all the mapping edge cases very well.You still have to put work in your entities after using this command.All mapping drivers are first class citizens in Doctrine 2 and can be used as runtime mapping for the ORM.

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