I am dating a muslim girl yahoo personals dating in sugar land tx

Alisha is on my list already and my hubbys aunty is Aafiya But thanks for ur suggestions, if u think some new please post it One of my friends children are muslim, her daughter is called Meya and her son is called Eshan.

i am dating a muslim girl-39

Girls Khadija Saaliah Summayya Rukayya Maria Kulsum Boys Adam Ismaeel Ebrahim Yasin Naaem I'll keep thinking, hard isnt it!

Hiya, my mums name is Nerizan (she shortens it to Ann) everyone comments how pretty her real name is though, so I don't know why she doesn't use it more!

I know lots of Rayans, Sami's, Hafsa's, Hana's, Zoya's...

I like girls name Juvaira but what do you think, how does it sound?

Not all Muslim women wear a burqa or a niqab, but mostly those from the Salafi sect, which is considered to be conservative and anti-West.

According to 2011 census data that was published in 2015, Tower Hamlets has the highest percentage of Muslim residents in England and Wales (38 percent compared with a national average of 5 percent).When my grandad was alive, he always said my son's name was rubbish (Max) and he always called him Ibrahim(!) (a good, strong name apparently lol) He never got to meet my daughter, as he and my grandmother passed away before she was born, but I would like to think that he would be pleased!My grandparents were Turkish/cypriot, so I would imagine that it is a muslim name?My DD is Leyla, when I was looking through the books, Leila & Leyla were both arabic origin, and spelled Leyla was Turkish origin, so I thought it would be quite nice to keep a bit of my family history going!Luisa, Netmums Team Muslim modern Girls names: Hana Sara Zara Sophia Lena Amber Monica Elaina Liza Alisha Camilla Anna Mya Shermain Isla ...

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