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They are an inexpensive, interesting and historic collectable.

Most of the notes are dated 1920 and most grade AU to Unc.

The Serbian government estimated some 6000 of its citizens died at the camp due poor living conditions, lack of hygiene and inadequate medical care. The front and back of the notes feature a "modern" Austrian eagle.

Today the gay community in Budapest is rather open, as opposed to the past's secrecy.

The annual Gay Pride Festival has been organized every year since 1993, with a street march and various parties afterwards.

Included is the 15 Kyats, 35 Kyats, 45 Kyats and 75 Kyats.

The 75 Kyats was issued in 1985, supposedly to commemorate Dictator General Ne Win’s 75th birthday.

In order to combat a serious coin shortage, the capital city of Vienna issued their own currency. With the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire following World War I, hundreds of local communities briefly issued their own emergency currency, known as notgeld, for use within the town.

These notes are denominated in Heller and usually depict scenes of the issuing community.

Though initially aligned with the Soviet Union, he began to push for increased relations and trade with other Muslim nations and the United States.

In 1978, he was assassinated in a coup that was supported by the Soviet Union, which was afraid of losing its influence over Afghanistan.

The state of Upper Austria issued these small, low denomination notes to help alleviate the coin shortage.

The 20 Heller note depicts buildings in Upper Austria on both sides of the note, including the Church of Saints Michael and Ursula and the Holy Trinity Column in Linz.

Otherwise, you should have no problem as a gay person or couple staying in a Budapest hotel.

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