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The move was first reported in the industry trade magazine Adweek.

In the ads — which, for now, appear only in VOD playback of the sitcom, “Playing House,” a comedy starring Lennon Parham and Jessica St.

Customers also enjoy not dealing with ads with programming from Netflix or Amazon.

Before his time on Captain Kangaroo, he hosted a local children's TV series called Uncle Lumpy's Cabin, seen weekday mornings on WABC-TV in New York City during the 1951 season. Green Jeans earned his moniker from his distinctive apparel, a pair of farmer's overalls (later, jeans and a denim jacket) in his signature green (although, since the show was broadcast in black-and-white for much of its run, this was lost on viewers).

He was a talented and inquisitive handyman who provided assistance at the Treasure House. Green Jeans was partly based on stories about a farm kid named "Little Orley" that he told with the Fred Waring orchestra, on the radio and on 78-rpm records under the pseudonym "Uncle Lumpy". Green Jeans was an extension of Brannum's real personality. During one episode of Captain Kangaroo, a lion cub bit Brannum's finger and drew blood.

He attended Maine Township High School in suburban Chicago, where he played sousaphone in the school's marching band, later learning the bass violin.

After the war, he joined the Four Squires, later moving to Fred Waring and His Pennsylvanians; Waring's group had a regular radio show, where Hugh met fellow Marine Bob Keeshan, an employee at the station who later hired Brannum for Captain Kangaroo.

During his days with Fred Waring and his Pennsylvanians, he used his childhood nickname "Lumpy".

Brannum was born in Sandwich, Illinois in 1910 to a Methodist minister.By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.Wikipedia is a registered trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization.“Unbeknownst to the little viewers, Cap’n Bob would take it upon himself to take out his ‘weenie,’ put a pencil under it, and wave it at Lumpy,” Morgan reports.He goes on: “Then the Captain would come through the door, greet everyone, and hang the keys on the key hook. So now, at the end of the program (which probably included credits), Bob was backstage reading the final voice-over...(and) during Bob’s final read, Lumpy pulled out his penis and began to pee on Bob’s leg. HR would never allow this to happen today.” The USA Network hopes you won’t know the difference between a TV show and a commercial — until it’s too late.Hugh Brannum (January 5, 1910 – April 19, 1987) was an American vocalist, arranger, composer, and actor best known for his role as Mr.

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