How do you deal with intimidating people

One in five British schoolchildren are diagnosed as having special educational needs – which could mean anything from a minor hearing impairment to a profound developmental delay.The Lamb Inquiry, published in December, was a comprehensive, Government-funded survey looking into how to improve parental confidence in their schooling.There's Eleanor, whose son has been excluded several times from the shiny new flagship academy he studies at, one of several autistic pupils whose behavioural tics have fallen foul of its much-trumpeted zero-tolerance behavioural policies.

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“I can state with full certainty that there is no intimidation.

Those reports are unfortunate and incorrect,” said Dausi.

We also ask the electorate to report such cases to relevant authorities, even informing Nice, as it is a recipe for violence,” said Kondwani Malunga, Nice Trust civic education officer for Nsanje.

The parliamentary by-elections will be held in: Lilongwe Msozi North Constituency, Lilongwe City South East Constituency and Nsanje Lalanje Constituency while the local council by-elections will be held in Mayani North Ward in Dedza North Constituency, Mtsiliza Ward in Lilongwe City West Constituency and Ndirande Makata Ward in Blantyre Malabada Constituency.

Parents will have more input in schools, and more support, including a new national SEN helpline.

But come 6 May, should a Tory government be elected, all that caulking and replanking could prove a waste of time.

Its chairman, Brian Lamb, reported that he had met some of the "angriest" parents in the country among the 1,000 he spoke to during his nationwide research.

He advised Schools Secretary Ed Balls that, "Parents need to be listened to more and the system needs to be more ambitious for their children...

It was only after her 12-year-old son had called her a bitch and thrown his rucksack so hard against the car windscreen that she thought it would break, that Catherine Hastings decided something radical needed to be done about his schooling.

It was the second time she'd tried to drop off Max that day – on the first occasion he'd sneaked back home as soon as she'd left him at the school gates. "And when I finally got him out of the car, I could see he was just hanging around waiting till I drove off. 'You better get in the car then.' He sobbed on the way back, and actually said to me, 'I can't cope' – it was awful, can you imagine your 12-year-old son in that state?

He's only six years old, and with all the upheavals in his young life, it's hardly surprising that he's occasionally bewildered and angry himself.

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