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Feathers are a bird’s most precious possession - beautiful and complex structures that give the gift of flight and insulate their bodies.

It is a very complex process that has been difficult to sort out and fully understand.

Some birds live in harsh climates or depend on food sources that are only available periodically.

The central shaft of the feather is composed of a hollow base - called the quill or calamus and the remaining portion of the shaft called the rachis.

The feathery sides or vane are composed of individual barbs, which are, themselves, covered with smaller barbules that keep them “zippered” together. That means that when one or two feathers are lost and replaced on one wing, the same feathers are lost and replaced on the other.

When the shaft of a feather on your bird is still alive, it will have a purple-blue color and it will bleed profusely if it gets injured.

Scientists who study feathers give different types of body feathers different names.

The fluffy base portion is called the afterfeather. This allows birds to continue to fly balanced while they are molting.

By only loosing a few body feathers at a time, the bird also stays protected from the chill of rain and cold air.

Even with careful preening, the feathers get frazzled and crimped from the wear and tear of ordinary activity. But since no scientific experiments use parrots as their subjects, I have had to use my personal observations and to reach out for information to birds that have been studied.

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