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The North Atlantic hurricane season officially begins on 1 June each year, but does not usually reach its peak before late August.

Although Harvey’s wind speeds weakened as it moved slowly inland Houston, the fourth-largest US city, has been particularly hard hit as the storm has stalled and dumped record amounts of rainfall, overwhelming flood defences and drainage systems.

Harvey, which is currently classified as a tropical storm based on the strength of its winds, has caused widespread damage since it made landfall as a Category 4 major hurricane on Friday.

Harvey is the first major hurricane, with sustained wind speeds of 111mph or more, to make landfall in the continental United States since 2005.

Unlike the other services, though, Inner Circle makes it easier to mingle with fellow members by throwing exclusive invite-only events for users around Europe.

version of Grindr, considering to even peek at any of the dudes who're DTF in your proximity, you first must submit what you have to offer (read: shirtless selfies) for consideration -- and be voted in by at least three current members. Unless you're an Adonis, not good: eight out of 10 guys are rejected.

You better not go around bragging to everyone that you matched with some semi-famous Who's it for: Ivy League snobs Sparkology sells itself as a luxury matchmaking service for "well-intentioned men and women," where the dudes are all verified grads of top-tier schools, and you can only join if you're invited by the site's team or referred by a current member.

Some other interesting details: guys have to pony up a virtual currency to initiate conversation with a lady, and the app provides a concierge service that will help you boost your profile and even plan out a whole date when you're ready to take things offline. The League claims to screen users via some mysterious algorithm that "keeps [the] community well-balanced and high-quality," while somehow hiding you from friends, “business connections,” and coworkers.

Houston and its surrounding metropolitan area is well-known to be at risk of flooding from heavy rainfall because it is relatively lowlying and crossed by many rivers and streams, known locally as “bayous”.

While scientists have been quick to emphasise that climate change cannot be blamed for causing Harvey, many have also pointed out how the consequences of the storm have been made worse by global warming.

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