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We are a members-only website, meaning only approved members will have access to the site and all the fun features.

“If you think about it, ease of use–that’s set by other apps in your space.”Such a principle might sound obvious.

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“Feature creep happens when you’re designing and moving forward aimlessly.

For us, everything we do is very calculated.”Rad later tells me that Tinder has a lot of clones.

Your photos and interests can’t be created inside the app.

Instead, they’re sucked in automatically from your existing profile.

We have no friends in common, but somehow, theoretically, they’re tangentially connected to me–maybe it’s through a friend of a friend, maybe we both just like Most are too young–20 to my 30–but that doesn’t need to stop me.

If I want, I’m just a heart-button away from a potential match. (Especially as I’m married, and testing this app only with permission!

And they never launch a new feature without proper API tracking in place.“It’s very important for us to understand how users are using different aspects of the app.

That, in combination with just listening to users, helps you understand what’s important to focus on next and avoid feature creep,” Rad says.

These avatars tacitly vouch for the person–just like friends might in real life, were you brave enough to make the inquiry.

So while Tinder has their own secret algorithms working behind the scenes to offer their users the best matches possible, it’s a slew of front-end decisions that have made the app so addictive for young daters.

I’m swiping through photos of beautiful women on my phone.

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