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Hatch from Utah Hatch in legislative proc Hatch in politics Hatch in the Senate Hatch in Washington Hatch on the Hill Hatch on the Senate floor Hatch or Byrd: Abbr.

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Have some cheese sandwiches – and a small chocolate cake Have some chips, say Have some fancy provision Have some humble pie Have some tea Have something Have something at home Have sons got into groups of friends? Having a bit of smog Having a bite Having a bottom Having a certain glow Having a certain taste, Knut's turned up to support Ms Thurman Having a choice makes them cross Having a close resemblanc Having a cow Having a crew Having a diamond-shaped p Having a disappointing conclusion Having a dividing wall, i Having a dry environment Having a dull surface Having a few buttons miss Having a flush Having a foot fault?

Have sex with unloved boy, somewhere off the beaten track Have sleeping partner perhaps in company practice?

Has little to complain ab Has loans Has markers out Has memorized Has more troops than Has no doubt about Has no doubt whatever Has no life Has no love for Has no love for at all Has no obligation to Has no pressing obligatio Has no use for Has no worries Has obligations Has on Has on hand Has one's fill and more, Has only half-servings, m Has over Has power over Has quite an impact on Has ready Has real relevance Has recollections about cars, not sweet in retrospect Has regrets Has rolling in the aisles Has some laughs Has some luck fishing Has some success Has space for Has speech difficulties Has star power Has substance Has supper Has that hurt Poles?

Has a tab Has a taste of, as wine Has a temperature, say Has a tough time deciding Has a traditional meal Has a wearying effect Has a yen Has an accommodating spir Has an afternoon break Has an angle Has an at-bat Has an early lead Has an exciting opening n Has an impressive address Has an Olympics honor Has an open wound Has an opinion Has apprehensions Has as a base Has as a customer Has as a direct consequence Has as a foundation Has at Has at a spread Has band to penetrate groups of women Has been around since, wi Has being Has bills Has boil, festering, to get rid of Has broken wood Has brunch Has capacity for Has chits out Has coming Has complete domination o Has confidence in Has confiscated Has contempt for Has control over Has dates Has debts Has dinner Has down Has ever-changing loyalti Has faith in Has good sense Has got to have Has great affection for Has high hopes Has hopes Has in mind Has in view, archaically Has ink come off? Has kids Has left the office Has left the office, e.g.

Have good intentions Have great affection for Have great confidence in Have hands-on experience?

Have done with Have doubts about Have down Have down cold Have down to ___Have effect, limiting a tirade applied to a dance Have eight pints at a party Have faith Have farm young Have food delivered Have for sale Have fun on a white bed? Not initially, when upset about first of burglaries Have concern Have confidence in Have control of Have convulsions about cheeseparing in cultural expression Have cosmetic surgery, fo Have covered Have creditors Have d Have debts Have dinner Have dinner at home Have dinner in a restaura Have dishes delivered Have dog breath? Have an interest in inter Have an obligation to pay Have an unfavourable opinion (of)Have an ___ mystery Have an ___ the ground Have another go at Have another go at poor Terry Have another picture take Have as a boss Have as a channel Have as a definition Have as a focus of one's Have as a logical consequence Have as an appetizer Have because of Have being Have bills Have both plusses and minuses Have breakfast Have breakfast, e.g., in Have casual sex and drink around noon Have chits out Have coming Have common ends, in a wa Have complete faith in lawyers? Harvard muralist Harvard or Stanford: Abbr Harvard rival Harvard Science Center ar Harvard Sq. Harsh words Harsh, grating Harsh-sounding Harsh-sounding bird that Harshest sentence Harshly bright Harshly criticize Harshly loud Harshness Hart co-anchor, once Hart family sitcom Hart Trophy awarder: Abbr Hart Trophy winner, 1970-Harte of fiction Harte's John Oakhurst, fo Hartebeest kin Hartford-based Fortune 50Harts Harts and hinds Harts' mates Harts' sweethearts Harum-___ (reckless)Harvard and Wharton degs. Harvard color Harvard degree earned by Harvard hater? Have an accident with a v Have an ambition Have an edge against Have an effect Have an effect (on)Have an effect on Have an effect on each other Have an emotional impact Have an engagement (with)Have an evening meal Have an idea Have an impact on Have an in (with)Have an inclination to ring rector to find out Have an influence on Have an initial success Have an inspiration?

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