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(Hurwitz plays the teacher of a pickup-artist class Ruby attends, and also directed the series.) Shortly before the show’s premiere at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, Vulture caught up with Jake and Amir to discuss making the show, stepping away from “Jake” and “Amir,” and whether New York or L. And here we split: Jake went more directing, less acting; I went less directing, more acting. It was me on camera, and Jake telling me what to do. And maybe it’s just because we’re getting older, and you get more lonely as you get older.

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Consider doing something nice for her every time you cheat, like bringing her flowers or taking her out.

This will reduce her suspicions and remind her that you do love her.

The upside is that you can meet at her place and you have one less partner you have to plan your liaisons around. The moment you start thinking that you're too smart to get caught, you're going to get caught. Unless you were both drunk and you can both pretend it was a mistake, affairs are a very difficult thing to arrange. Don't exaggerate and say your spouse is a horrible bitch and that you're going to leave her, unless you are.

They involve feeling the other person out and plenty of flirting. • Don't write about how to cheat under your real name. There's no law saying you have to stay in a shitty marriage, or that you have to get married at all.

• Keep your lies as close to the truth as possible. If something sexual had happened, wouldn't you have come up with a better excuse? Pull cash from this account for hotels and dates and toss your receipts. Whether at your partner's place, a hotel, or the gym, wash off that sex funk, lipstick, stray hairs, and cheap perfume. This can be anything from taking a second job — say as a Sex & Love reporter that requires you to go out at off hours — to joining a softball team.

These activities not only work as a legitimate cover for being away from home, they also increase your chance of meeting a lover.

' However, by having sex with a married person you double your chances of getting caught and limit the places you can go for a sexual liaison. The problem many men have in an affair with a single woman is that even if she says otherwise, the sexual relationship may develop into a romantic one for her.

As soon as you realize this and break things off, she may become bitter and tell your wife.

Don't be the asshole who only gives her flowers after you get caught.

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