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Think tourists, strippers and old Italian restaurants. SOMA: Night clubs, leather joints, industrial condos. At - sliding scale (no one turned away for lack of funds) it has to be one of the cheapest nights in town. Concerts (generally in support of something political or activist-style ) take place more often than you’d think.) Oh my god noms. Here are just a few: Radish Cute tattooed alternative girls and serving up local organic American food with a southern twist.

After the release, I realised that my fans doesn’t want such films from me. There is a key element (differentiating point) to the story which I can’t reveal before release. Technicians: Vijay C Kumar who worked for my earlier films has done cinematography for Fidaa. Marthand K Venkatesh has done editing for this film. Rajeev Nair is the art director of the film and Banswada came alive with his work. The smallest film I had made was Anamika as it was a remake.

As a filmmaker, I thought that it was an obligation to make a woman-centric film like Anamika. After Anamika, I decided to get back to romantic genre where my strength lies. Dil Raju wanted to make a film with me and he suggested the name of Varun Tej. It’s a love story between Telugu girl from a village and a Telugu guy from USA. All your films are considered as independent films as you don’t follow the process followed by Telugu film industry. Otherwise, each and every film I made was a big film in terms of efforts.

In USA, We thought of shooting in Atlanta, Virginia and NJ. We wanted to shoot in fall (October and November) because we wanted to capture fall color and snow. It’s a barren land in East Coast in January and February. Why do you choose hard way all the time while making films? I want my films to be relevant when my kids grow up and watch my films. If I had to make movies to just earn money, I will stop directing films. There are a lot of scenes featuring rain in the film. That’s because we have our story happening in two distinct geographics and in two distinct cultures. Shaktikanth Karthik - a chennai based music director has composed music for this album. Censor members have passed the dialogue without cutting Badkov word. Rathnavelu (cinematographer) • Swathi (actress) • Chinnababu (producer) • Raaja Kiran (director) • Naveen Chandra (actor) • Ohmkar (director) • Kalyan Ram (actor) • GV Prakash Kumar (actor) • Varun Tej (actor) • Sreenu Vaitla (director) • Ram Charan (actor) • Nani (actor) • Teja (director) • Vishnu Manchu (actor) • Deva Katta (director) • Maruthi (director) • Bunny Vasu (producer) • Ravi Teja (actor) • Mahesh Babu (actor) • Koratala Siva (director) • Mahesh Babu (actor) • Kalyan Koduri (music composer) • Allari Naresh (actor) • Anil Sunkara (producer) • Prabhas - Baahubali (actor) • Sundeep Kishan (actor) • Yogesh (director) • Srinivas Raga (director) • Lagadapati Sridhar (producer) • Sai Kiran Adiv• Nara Rohit (actor) • Raj Madiraju (director) • Gopichand Malineni (director) • Sudheer Babu (actor) • Lakshmi Mancu (actress) • Ravi Babu (director & actor) • Nani (actor) • Pradeep Nandan (actor) • Nikhil - Surya Vs Surya (actor) • Havish (actor) • Madalasa Sharma (actress) • Varun Sandesh (actor) • Madhura Sreedhar (producer) • Sundeep Kishan (actor) • Nikitha Reddy (producer) • Suhir Ponncchamy (director) • Aadi (actor) • Rajesh Touchriver(director) • Dasari Narayana Rao (director) • Sai Dharam Tej (actor) • Sundeep Kishan (actor) • Allari Naresh (actor) • Sai Korrapati (producer) • Mahi V Raghav (director) • Ram Charan - GAV (actor) • Chiranjeevi- 2014 (actor) • Lagadapati Sreedhar (producer) • Aadi (actor) • Neelakanta (director) • VV Vinayak (director) • Venkatesh (actor) • Sundeep Kishan (actor) • Anil Jason Guduru (director) • Srinivas Avasarala (director/actor) • Prakash Raj (actor) • Nagarjuna (actor) • Gangaraju Gunnam (producer & director) • Aadi (actor) • Raja Sekhar (actor) • Allu Sirish (actor) • Sekhar Kammula (director) • Charmme (actress) • Sai Rajesh (director) • CV Kumar (producer) • Krishna Madhav (actor) • Tirthankar Das (producer, director, music director) • Raj Pippalla (director) • Raja Goutham (actor) • Nani (actor) • Vaani Kapoor (actress) • Veena Ghantasala (singer - dubbing artist) • Puri Jagannadh (director) • Ayodhya Kumar (director) • Sumanth (actor) • Sukumar (director) • Ram mohan (producer) • Melanie kannokada (actress) • Venkat (actor) • Sundeep kishan (actor) • Nagarjuna (actor) • Vishnu Manchu (actor) • Singeetam Srinivasa Rao (director) • Lagadapati Sridhar Sirisha (producer) • Sesh Adivi (director) • Sai Kiran Adivi (producer) • Mohana Krishna Indraganti (Director) • Kalyani Koduri (music director) • Eesha (actress) • Sushanth (actor) • Kalyanram Om (actor) • Chandra Sekhar Yeleti (Director) • Gopichand (actor) • Ramaraju (Director) • Gopichand Malineni (Director) • Anil Sunkara (Director) • Allu Arjun (Actor) • Raj - DK (Director) • Ashok G (Director) • Nagarjuna (Actor) • Venkatesh (Actor) • Boyapati Sreenu (Director) • Sirish (Actor) • Nithin (Actor) • Nikhil (Actor) • Pratap Kolagatla (producer) • Govardhan Krishna (director) • Madhura Sreedhar (director) • KS Rama Rao (producer) • Lakshmi Manchu (actress) • Sunil (actor) • Vikram (Race/Manasara) (actor) • Nandini Reddy (director) • Prabhas (actor) • Koratala Siva (director) • Mahesh Babu (actor) • Bommarillu Bhaskar (director) • Sharwanand (actor) • Kajal Agarwal (actress) • Samantha (actress) • Gowtam Menon (director) • Rana Daggubati (actor) • Krish (director) • Praveen Sattaru (director) • Sundeep Kishan (actor) • Vishnu Manchu (actor) • Ravi Babu (director) • Sekhar Kammula (director) • Amala Akkineni (actress) • Ajay Bhuyan (director) • Nagarjuna (actor) • Allu Arjun (actor) • Trivikram (director) • Jr.

I didn’t want to shoot in Bay Area (San Francisco etc) as it was well exposed in Telugu cinema. We work tirelessly by putting all our energies into it. I react when something bad happen to women or society. Hence, Musuru was one of the titles considered for this movie. It’s a love story between an active Telangana girl and a soft-natured doctor from Austin. Censor board members said Badkov is right in the context of the story.

Fast friends are made here over plates of delicious sliders and pork belly donuts. Herbivore Vegan mexican food in the heart of the Mission. The burgers are the star here, but I happen to know from experience that their already delectable milkshakes can be spiked with an adult beverage if you ask nicely. Different trucks participate every day allowing for a wide variety of food from Korean BBQ to burgers to cupcakes to a truck entirely dedicated to bacon – chances are you will find something yummy to eat.

One of the few vegan places you can drag a carnivore to for margaritas and chips with to-die-for guacamole. Cafe Flore A tiny place that looks like a roadhouse and features one exceptionally-well-done dish: spaghetti and meatballs. Head over for a mason jar full of booze, a crisp ceasar salad and a heaping bowl of the house special. Check the website to see where in SF they’ll be on any given day and what trucks are participating.

The Richmond: On the opposite side of the park from The Sunset. Hayes Valley: Now-gentrified area now filled with edgy fashion, high-profile galleries, restaurants, bars and indie shops.

Up and coming in terms of people who want to live in the Mission but can’t find an apartment are moving out here. Bernal Heights: Once you and your lady love decide to settle down and get that golden retriever, this is your destination. El Rio, Mission District There is so much to say about El Rio that I don’t know where to start.

There is a stereotype that village means mostly Konaseema villages in Telugu films. I asked for an audition for Fidaa and she impressed me a lot. She understands the nuances of Telangana dialect now. In a typical scenario, an agent would be summoned and he would arrange 100 junior artists. My team members handpicked 100 people from the neighborhood in Banswada and made sure that they appeared natural in the scene. Hence, he made sure that he didn’t involve in creative aspect. He suggested a couple of changes at editing table from audience's perspective and I implement them. It’s inspired by Saluri Rajeswara Rao’s tune from Parugulu Teeyali song of Malliswari film. I was so much fascinated by it that I named heroine character as Bhanumati. Vachinde song is being played in mehandi functions now. But, a Telangana girl always shouts when she is teased. Badkov is a pretty general word that’s used by girls in Telangana when they get angry. I have a few ideas that suit stars as well as newcomers. Other Interviews • Shiva Nirvana (director) • Harish Shankar (director) • Pattabhi R.

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