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" Animal Soul: "Leave me alone, I'd rather sleep." Divine Soul: "Come on, let's be great! She was tortured for several months, but refused to divulge any information.

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Having proved himself to be the ultimate team player by leading Britain to their remarkable Davis Cup victory in 2015, it was Murray the individual who shone in 2016.

He had a stunning year – winning Wimbledon for the second time, retaining his Olympic title and ending the year on top of the world rankings.

There are times when you know objectively that something is good for you, but your physical desires get in the way and distort your outlook.

The animal soul within us wants to choose the easy path, which may not be the morally correct choice.

Does God have ears because it says, "God heard the sound of your words" (Deut. Does God have a mouth since it says, "God spoke to us" (Deut. Does God have an arm since it says, "I shall redeem you with an outstretched arm" (Exodus 6:6)?

Does God have a hand, as it says, "I raised My hand to give it to Abraham" (Exodus 6:8)? So why does the Torah use human terms to describe God?

Golfer Tiger Woods has been arrested near his Florida home after he was seen "driving erratically, all over the road" in the early hours of the morning.

He was charged with driving under the influence and spent nearly four hours in a county jail before being released.

Because the human mind is limited, and therefore lacks the ability to conceive of God who is perfect.

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