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Coaching sessions are available via email and Skype, in addition to in person and local coaching.

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We never meet in an office, because behind a desk or computer screen is not how to meet people.

We work together out in the real world, in real world situations.

One on one interactive sessions, that are structured to be unique to the individual.

Each client's needs are considered and integrated into the pre-determined coaching sessions.

“Sober dating is a new way, and at first, it was really challenging. I need guys to make the effort, and that kind of behavior is not making the effort.

Everything I had ever known was negated.” She outlines some components of her dating plan. I don’t operate in that way—in friendship or business. This is the way I roll, why would I pretend I’m another way? They usually stick around.”One of the things she mentions is that sober dating helps her not get overwhelmed, whether it’s by too much information, chemistry, mood, or whatever.

I wonder how she juggles it all.“Sometimes I meet them before work for coffee.”And um, the sex? My dating has been activity-based, so we really get to know each other and how we interact. I do sometimes take crumbs, but I say, ‘Oh, this is crumbs.

“I don’t sleep with them until we’re exclusive—meaning a birth control plan, we’ve both been tested (not the SATs) and he’s asked me to be his girlfriend.” . I don’t want it.’ I’ve been sober dating for a long time, so I know what I like. I don’t like it when guys call the same day and ask me out.

“It wasn’t fun in the beginning,” she admits, “but it’s fun now.

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