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The next morning, Ava and Tanzie take a bus to Ava's engagement party.They go to Ava’s engagement party where they see Etienne make a break for it once they see the girls arrive, realizing that their friends only liked them for their money and reputation.

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He refuses to help them as he thinks they can help themselves for being high privileged.

Although this means that they could return to the extravagant lifestyle they were accustomed to, they decide to honor their father's memory by trying to turn it around themselves.

The girls decide to get to the root of the scandal.

When they track down the cat lady who was the source of the allegations, they learn from a neighbor that she was in fact born with a skin disease that caused her disfiguration and had just received surgery for it.

With what they have learned, the girls successfully manage to clear the Marchetta name and reclaim the company when they revealed that Tommy was behind the scandal and plotted to sell the company to Fabiella at a cheap price when she, Tommy, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, and some other people meet with them.

With help from the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Ava and Tanzie remove Tommy as the CEO.

An American actress and singer who is better known for her role as the bubbly Lizzie Mc Guire on the series Lizzie Mc Guire which was aired between the years 2001 to 2004.

She is daughter to Robert Erhard Duff and Susan Colleen.

She was married to former Canadian NHL center that she dated for three years.

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