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Meanwhile, at the Corn Exchange in Causton, a local amateur dramatic production of Amadeus reveals a backstage world of intrigue, passion & gossip - and a whole new meaning to the term “corpsing” when there is a second murder.

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Phyllis Calvert [ Alice Bly ], Nigel Davenport [ William Smithers ], Geoffrey Bayldon [ Arthur Prewitt ], Mary Wimbush [ Marjorie 'George' Watson ], Gudrun Ure [ Celia Armstrong ], Angela Down [ Pru Bennett ], Colin Tiernay [ Mungo Mortimer ], Clive Wood [ Dr Clive Warnford ], Deborah Findlay [ Hilary Richards ], Carolyn Pickles [ Sister Lovelace ], Miranda Kingsley [ Nurse Bartlett ], Mali Harries [ Nurse O'Casey ], Sam Beazley [ Cyril Toft ], Matyelok Gibbs [ Muriel Harrap ], Georgine Anderson [ Madge Fielding ], Daphne Goddard [ Miss Laybourne ], Arthur Cox [ Landlord ], Cyril Shaps [ Jeweller ], Caroline John [ Florist ], Sarah Ball [ Shop assistant ], Katherine Tozer [ Hotel receptionist ], David Killick [ Waiter ] Joyce Barnaby, Cully Barnaby With a week off work to redecorate part of his house, DCI Barnaby also visits his elderly aunt, Alice Bly, who is convalescing in the Lawnside residential nursing home for the elderly in Aspern Tallow, and she prompts him to investigate a series of suspicious deaths there, after people have changed their wills. Patricia Brake [ Anne Quarritch ], Cheryl Campbell [ Sandra Mc Killop ], James Laurenson [ James Tate ], Sylvestra Le Touzel [ Linda Marquis ], David Robb [ Charles Mc Killop ], Prunella Scales [ Eleanor Bunsall ], Charles Simon [ Marcus Lowrie ], Malcolm Sinclair [ Alan Bradford ], Roger Sloman [ Ralph Bailey ], Ed Waters [ Nicholas, 'Nico', Bentley ], Alwyne Taylor [ Dr Catherine Bullard ], Chris Stanton [ Vicar ] Joyce Barnaby, Cully Barnaby, Dr George Bullard, PC Angel The slashing of a 17th-century painting in Aspern Tallow museum appears to herald the start of a series of ghostly manifestations by the ghost of Jonathan Lowrie.

Timothy West [ Marcus Devere ], Hannah Gordon [ Bella Devere ], Richard Hope [ Gordon Brierly ], Marsha Fitzalan [ Laura Brierly ], Maggie Steed [ Rosemary Furman ], Nickolas Grace [ Frank Mannion ], Josephine Tewson [ Samantha Johnstone ], Barbara Jefford [ Barbara Drinkwater ], Moray Watson [ Edward Allardice ], Shelagh Fraser [ Jane Rochelle ], Orlando Bloom [ Peter Drinkwater ], Chloe Tucker [ Caroline Devere ], Bill Thomas [ Ray Dorset ], Tobias Menzies [ Jack Dorset ], Toby Jones [ Dan Peterson (pathologist) ], Caroline Faber [ Ruth Weston ], Richard Trinder [ Michael Weston ], Emily Canfor-Dumas [ Annabel Weston ], Marlene Sidaway [ Mrs Foster ], Robert Goodale [ Dr Sellers ], Malcolm Rennie [ Alderman ] Joyce Barnaby, Cully Barnaby The residents of the village of Midsomer Mallow fear for their chances of winning the Perfect Village competition when a local thief and womaniser is brutally killed with a pitchfork. Cully's boyfriend Nico has just been given a part in a soap opera as a Detective Sergeant, and asks DCI Barnaby if he can shadow DS Troy to learn more about how to play the role.

Barnaby & Troy visit George Meakham, the now-retired police officer who was in charge of the investigation of the earlier crimes, and who has since become obsessed with them.

The trail leads them to a local cigarette and tobacco company and two of its employees in particular.

Barnaby & Troy gradually find themselves caught up in a succession of sinister murders.

Rowena Cooper [ Tilly Dinsdale ], John Duttine [ Will Saxby ], Elizabeth Garvie [ Muriel Saxby ], Tricia George [ Jenny Bridges ], Paul Jesson [ Hector Bridges ], Phyllida Law [ Felicity Dinsdale ], Kevin Mc Nally [ Orville Trudway ], Honeysuckle Weeks [ Fleur Bridges ], Ian Thompson [ Peter Fairfax ], Daniel Betts [ Steffan Miller ], Jerome Willis [ John Smith ], Nick Moran [ Michael Smith ], Elizabeth Thomas [ Rachel Smith ], David Allister [ Major Henry Tomkinson ], Francis Lee [ Shop assistant ] Joyce Barnaby, Cully Barnaby, Dr George Bullard When an unpleasant and unpopular local magistrate, Hector Bridges, is found shot dead in his house, investigations uncover that his wife was married to one of their neighbours, Will Saxby, and Saxby's current wife used to be Mrs Bridges, his daughter, Fleur, is really Saxby's daughter, and a new-age traveller, Orville Trudway, who has recently moved into the village was an old army comrade with a grude against him.

But Harry, 31, has revealed in an interview with The Sun's Fabulous magazine that their fertility struggles nearly tore them apart.

Whilst they both opened up about the strain that IVF put on their marriage in Izzy's book, Dare To Dream, Harry has revealed for the first time that it was touch and go on their relationship at that time.

Their investigation uncovers a web of sinister events, some long buried in the past.

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