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Drop into the seaside town of Positano or drive high up into the hills to Ravello for magnificent villa gardens and outdoor opera performances.

You can’t visit Italy without paying homage to the country’s artistic hero, Michelangelo.

Make those dreams come true with a tour in a candy-coloured vintage Fiat Cinquecento.

If you like playing with fire, a walking tour of Sicily and her volcanic Aeolian Islands is just for you.

Vulcano is named after the still-smoking crater in its centre; Stromboli is a cone-shaped island topped with a regularly erupting core, while Mount Etna is one of the biggest active volcanoes in the world.

From David to the Dolomites, the Aeolian Islands to the Amalfi Coast, we've tried to capture its essence in our travel pages.

Want to experience the iconic craziness of Italian driving while feeling like you’re starring a 1950s Cinecittà Studios movie?

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