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Maj Stats: £16.99 Mix Six (£18.99 single bottle price) If This Wine Were A Blues Player It Would Be: Camilo Parilli Ocampo !!!!!!! He made it quite clear how proud he is, of his, and our club. The evening involved a few financial transactions- at the end of the day, more than the camaraderie that clearly exists within the Fo Bs, we have a goal of generating funds for the club. If you lost out to Dick, take comfort that Dick whispered to me on presentation, that he was very keen to reinvest that sum in the club. The former Try Bonus scheme gave you back about £40 each for a dinner that you had donated -so there is greater benefit for the club. Our club is so fortunate to have available a man with such skills and personality as a compere. I think he deserves his colours, a picture on the wall or a golden microphone. It should be a great weekend, with the team staying down too.One of the biggest names in Rioja, for one of the biggest names in the Blues squad. Oh Parilli Ocampo You don't need to read anymore- its all tosh from hereon in. To help generate interest we have the £1k season long Try competition. They were ably supported by Adrian Wareing and Diane Mac Askill. The average (with last years London Welsh gate helping to get reality) stood at 2508 prior to Saturday. It wasn't an easy night for him either, with a voice that was disappearing over Cleat Hill at speed. Pirates and Blues matches are always very watchable because both sides have the right attitude. It'll be a great match but sadly a farewell to a number of players. This wine hails from the hills to the north of Lisbon and is made from a selection of Portuguese grapes, two of which, Touriga Nacional and Tinta Roriz, are used in this country’s most famous wine and your post-Christmas-Day-feast favourite, Port. The efforts of these supporters in raising much needed funds for their club is to be applauded.

Dean Adamson (Ist class Honours degree I'll have you know) thanks you. Additionally we have one new Partner, as per my release of yesterday. Shish Miah and the Bengal Brasserie continues as Curry Partner.

That sees them join five others in the £1,000 draw. Apologies to Mrs Stidolph for putting too many ds in Stidolph- like Stiddolph. Hopefully you'll be able to see this video link-if you are wired up for this sort of thing.

Just a reminder, especially for new joiners that our draws are eleven fold, and for home league matches only. Attendance is compulsory, bring a friend particularly if they're a girl, to take advantage of two for one entrance and because its Ladies Day. To put it in perspective, it took me 10hrs at 25 knots on a huge ship to get from Portsmouth, to a point off the Channel Islands, on my way to St Malo. Whilst our heroic Bedford Followers are everywhere, in constancy, on those dark Sundays in February, those awkward Friday evenings, and at the most distant geographic outposts; weekends such as Jersey, and Penzance at Easter seemingly produce a veritable community of Bedford Blues supporters. Mick Meadows & Bill Hulatt were successful with their choice of the prolific Dean Adamson. It seems a long time since the Pirates match brought the season to a conclusion in brilliant sunshine. Now many of us have been to Jersey several times, myself included.

So your instructions are Please seek new members for the Fo B's and acquire spectacular prizes that attract new members. It kind of looked, dark, cold and very wet out there. At the top of the page rugby and Bedford Modern's Edgar Mobbs. Lots of good new players, lots of tries and exciting play, and lots of fun. It is uplifting, unifying and so enjoyable to be there. Once one of our best players and our captain now the Rotherham coach. Consolation prizes go to Mark Gibbons who will dine at the Bengal Brasserie and Dave Evans who will take grandson Rhys to Pizzeria Santaniello. Never has Penzance seen such an army of Blues fans; with a Saturday kick off and Easter weekend making it so appealing. You might fancy a change to your normal, in and out by plane method.

Sue in conjunction with generous Fo B member Steve Parrott, is going to provide an additional holiday prize to add to our existing Paris trip. Gerald & Angelo Santaniello continue as Pizza Partners. So welcome Messrs Barwell, Wilby, Dale, Muskett, Callender, Turner, Saunders, Norman, Robinson, Bartlett & Henry.

Thank you to Sue Alexander and Sheena "Moneypenny" Todd.

A fortnight ago Roth scored 40 points plus at The Mennaye and nearly won. Toasty, blackberry aromas give way to a multi textured, full flavoured fruit and sweet spice driven elegant red wine with a gorgeous long lasting finish. So if you feel your not getting enough European travel with the Blues fixtures give this a go. If you do fancy a go at this, or wish to go by any other route via Alderney Guernsey of any other part of France, book, as I did, through Sheena Todd at our sponsors Eagle Executive Travel. Thank you to Fo B Maurice Webb who presented Geoff Irvine with our £20K at half time of the Leeds match. I have had so many positive comments about you Josh, and about how proud Blues fans are of you. Russell Beard renewed his sponsorship with a four figure cheque. It was Russell's first Soiree but not his last he tells me. David Gunner's beef and NOS & Louise Thomas's zero cost, hard work, kept expenses low and quality high on the buffet.

Enjoy this classic Rioja with your Sunday joint of Roast Lamb. They'll customise your Jersey trip to your specification at no cost to you - other than your trip. That is £20k that is your money, being spent to assist our players, by providing a totally new gymnasium at GR. As Josh left he offered his ongoing support of the Fo Bs and to help in any way he could in the future. The raffle went really well and the ever generous Richard Castle beat off Ron Callender and others to buy the framed shirt. It took about 6 hours with four people working to get that ready.

I'll use the 'too foggy to fly' ruse again" So all in all a great weekend boys and girls. Sorry to Ruauri and Doug Mac Askill who didn't fly home to Glasgow till Wednesday. AW (is unwell) Jersey's for goalposts Well done to Ashley Smith, Lucy Howe and Michael Bowra for selecting the excellent Dean Adamson to score on Saturday. A noise warning because the silly FECCERs are travelling on masse and it is the infamous Rapmaca who is coming from Glasgow. So good luck to the team and bon voyage to all fans and Fo Bs. He also pointed to another growth in commercial income as equally important. Feel free to have a look through the door on Saturday at what you have provided.

Much garden hopping resulted in one fairly prompt collar felt, and another rather more protracted... FOB Gonzo Jennings is taking in Guernsey and don't be surprised by local support other than Booj's family -the Beaujolais's. COYB Howard The Adrian Wareing Column Adrian Wareing is not unwell and is going to Jersey. The gates held up despite some disappointing performances with an average of 2,500 attending each league match. Sean Vine our impressive new S&C coach, identified on appointment, the need for a major upgrade and your £20k has paid for it.

@brasseriebengal Eagle Executive Travel continue as our Travel Partner.

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