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Yesterday, there were rife rumors on the Internet that Tony Leung (梁朝伟) and Carina Lau (刘嘉玲) have allegedly divorced.According to the rumors, the reason for the spilt was due to Carina being too aggressive in character while Tony was too quiet in contrast, thus resulting in irreconcilable frustrations.

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In a definite tone, the rumors claimed that this was due to a large disparity between the couple’s behavior.

As it was known to many, Carina’s character was extremely aggressive while Tony was more silent.

The 26-year-old - who is based in Melbourne - revealed she is soon to compete in a bikini modelling competition in her home city, after 'weeks of training, weighing your food, staying in, posing, flexing, twisting'.

Frances's Instagram profile is filled with documentation of the lead-up to this weekend's competition, the Australian ICN Victorian State Titles.

Netizens also reasoned that since the management companies did not wish to disclose their reply on this but instead let the entire matter become vague, it strongly reminded them of Nicholas Tse (谢霆锋) and Cecilia Cheung’s (张柏芝) earlier divorce which was exposed by the people around them.

Hence netizens felt that there was a chance of this being true afterall.

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She might be known for her politician father, but Tony Abbott's daughter, Frances, has shown that there's more to her than just having a famous dad.

Upon hearing about the news first-hand, quite a few people expressed their disbelief and asked whether the rumor was true, one after another.

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