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I would prefer to sell to someone locally who can view the item before purchase. Kind regards _________________ While the previous emails seemed a little suspicious, the final email requesting international transfers and the demand to pay for courier expenses rang huge alarm bells for my friend, so as you can see, she promptly cancelled the sale.

Note here, that not a single email sent by the scammer mentioned the item specifically – this suggests the emails were simply cut and pasted, as these are likely to be part of a well formulated scam targeting many people selling online.

Now, I would never think selling online would leave me vulnerable to scams.

The third thing to note is they will employ a third party to get their item delivered to their home – this is the main point in the email to be wary of, and should not leave the seller feeling at ease!

However, if you have never heard of a scam like this, it seems relatively legitimate, after all there are plenty of people who have to arrange couriers to deliver items they have purchased interstate.

Also note that in this email they mention they will pay via Pay Pal connected to their Australian bank account, but say they are ok to pay via bank transfer if Pay Pal isn’t an option.

This gives the impression they can pay whatever way is convenient for the seller, mentioning a well known Australian bank is another way to help the seller feel at ease.

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If you're thinking of moving there, check out the free classifieds in Durban to help you get settled in and find everything you need.I will leave the add on gumtree until I receive your payment but I will let anyone who enquires that the item is sold.Kind regards _________ ________________________________________ Subject: RE: TV cabinet for sale – gumtree Date: Wed, 0000 Hi mate,i will let you know when the payment has been made and also contact my courier pickup agent to arrange time and date for the pickup and he will be responsible for signing all the necessary papers on my behalf thanks.As well as buying online, I have also sold online, mostly through my own little Etsy store selling handmade aromatherapy products.I do have some second hand items I’d love to offload, and have been considering selling them on Ebay or Gumtree for some time.Await your reply ________________________________________ The first thing to note, was the buyer was ‘away at sea’ and therefore only emailed any correspondence, rather than calling the phone number in the ad, they explain why they can only correspond via email to put the seller at ease.

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