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i’m trying to produce a worksheet that can dynamically show records associated with the latest date. date2 This essentially acts as a dynamic filter to calculate the maximum date and then use the inner-join to only include records that match the maximum date.I know I can partition the date, however in this instance the underlying dataset is a combo of a Hadoop table and unioned uploaded data, so I’m finding that I can’t use the dynamic date partition. You’ll also notice that double quotes were used around the value.

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But Minitab has many other useful tools for manipulating date/time data that you might not be aware of.

Let’s take a look at a few more helpful tips and tricks.

We can create a column that lists the two machines by using Code. Fill in the Dialog Window as shown below: After pressing OK, you should get a new column in your worksheet that lists Machine A or Machine B for each date!

I hope this information helps you to get more value out of your date and time data in Minitab!

In the expression above, by adding the date function we have informed Minitab that 5/4/2012 is a date value.

Without it, Minitab doesn’t know whether 5/4/2012 is a text, numeric, or date/time value.

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The table below illustrates the conversion that takes place when you select Quarter and Year using both extraction methods, To Numeric and To Text: After extracting to a text column, you might want to separate “Q2” and “2012” with a space.

This will require that we use the Calculator, located under the Calc Menu.

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