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With this project I want to challenge the often false perception we have when describing these groups or individuals. In some way, I created something new out of something old. But, the most precious feedback has been from the elderly themselves, or their families.The elderly can also be rock 'n' roll, and I think people need to be reminded of that sometimes. It feels good to know that sons and daughters have framed their parents' portraits.

I've gotten phone calls from some of the children of the elderly where they have said that I somehow have managed to portray not only the elderly as they look, but also their personality. How do you feel about having thousands of people who you probably don't know looking at this image?

It's amazing to get to show this to a broader audience.

Marit is always making jokes, putting on a funny face and making people feel good.

She's just the type to light up a cigarette with the candles on someone else's birthday cake.

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Dressed in her school uniform, the nine-year-old girl testified yesterday that she, her brother and sister were at home sleeping, when their grandmother woke them up, telling them that an intruder was in the house. He had a knife and he said he was going to stab us," she said.

She said Mbhele demanded cash from her grandmother, who gave him a camera, some money and her bank card.

Over the course of "Behind the Notes," we've learned that a nostalgic connection to comic books or skateboarding can bring in the notes on Tubmlr.

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