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I received so much hate mail from that one admission, I wound up begging the site editors to take the post down.

And that’s in addition to the numerous people over the years who have threatened me, called me a bad parent, or wished my children were dead.

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One emailer found out where I went to college and threatened to get me kicked out of school.

I had nightmares for weeks and eventually shut down my site.

When she was 4, my daughter asked for her own You Tube channel.

She said she wanted to make “videos of me making fings and other fun stuffs.” “Who will watch them? ” Honestly, I thought I had more time before we had the talk — you know, the “Why You Can’t Have a You Tube Channel” conversation. But my daughter is a member of Generation Alpha, which is defined as children born after 2010.

I don’t know how to raise someone to navigate social media, because I can barely do it myself. And I’ve been making a living on the internet for nearly a decade — writing Twitter copy for marketing companies, moderating comments on a love and sex site, and writing about all aspects of my life for fun and profit.

I even starred in some ill-fated and obnoxious You Tube videos myself.

At 19, I had never experienced anything like it, unless you count Greg H.

dumping his milk on me in the high-school stairwell in response to an article I wrote for the paper about boys being disgusting.

Fernandez believed MLB Network was simply featuring him for a story during his outstanding 2013 year, when the wide-eyed, smiling rookie dazzled with a 12-6 record and 2.19 ERA, setting him up for the Rookie of the Year award.

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