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As technology moves forward, kids are able to gain access, and even get away with, many new risky behaviors, that they may not even consider to be dangerous.Due to this, establishing and keeping an open dialogue with your children is crucial.

Another good way to easily put limits on your child’s texting habits could be to not allow for unlimited texting plans on their phone bill.

Setting up a limited amount of text messages on a plan could deter your child from constantly texting their friends and may actually help them from becoming attached to their phones, as well as protect them from sexual predators and texting while driving.

Recent studies suggest that sexting is especially common among middle schoolers who may have behavioral or emotional issues.

These middle schoolers may feel alone, left out, or not wanted by family or friends at school, so they resort to chat rooms where they then can find people (sexual predators) that give them attention and "love them for who they are." This is an extremely dangerous behavior because sexual predators can groom your child into thinking that they can trust them, making your child think it is okay to send these explicit texts to strangers because they fill a possible emotional void.

Many reports are finding that texting has gotten to be a huge problem in schools for children of all ages.

The distractions of the phone are taking away from the opportunity to learn, and statistics show that grades are starting to drop considerably because of this.

As kids now have the opportunity to always be connected with friends from school, or outside of school, they can send or receive texts at any time of the day.

Even if they are not physically sending out texts during class, they can become distracted by the buzzing or on-screen light up of a new notification from someone they received a text from.

22% of high-school-age teens have been involved in a form of nude sexting, this number rising for college-aged students.

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