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I slept shirtless as I always do and I woke up this morning and got ready but I left my shirt off.I drove to school shirtless and got out of the car.

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) I've been to every fast-food outlet in town, and never worn a shirt in any of them....ever! Tomorrow is predicted to top 100 and plan on spending dawn to dusk shirtless (and barefoot) again.

I was out walking my dog last weekend without my shirt by a lake in my neighborhood and there was a family there taking photos of their daughter for homcoming with the lake and nice scenery in the background. Finally a group of guys who understand the awesomeness of being shirtless in public.

shirtless non-stop is 1 week and I'm trying to break that.

I never wear a shirt at home and I try to go out shirtless as much as possible but a lot of places require you to wear a shirt.

I was riding my Harley today (shirtless as usual) and noticed I needed to get gas. I always wanted to walk around shirtless with shorts or pants--nothing related to swimming. I went into the airport shirtless and I felt the cold blowing on my belly and my boobs. I just woke up and decided I wasn't going to wear a shirt for as long as I can... I like the feeling of being shirtless and hate wearing shirts. I've never come across it in any of them here in Australia.

As I pulled into the gas station I noticed a lot of construction type vehicles parked off... My 2014 goal is to be shirtless as often as possible. There's no issue with serving shirtless customers, (they'd lose to many if they did! Took my glasses to the optometrist, had lunch at Arby's, and got my hair cut, all without protest!

I go to the lumber yard, Home Depot, etc.- and shirtless as often as I can.

The only place I was asked to put a shirt on was a Burger King- with no drive-thru.

It was 80 degrees and totally outside and my girlfriend knew I would take my shirt off. Plus I was into fighting games and a lot of the characters were shirtless and I thought it was cool. Mom's view was that if the weather was warm enough then we didn't need tops. We were just kids who didn't need to worry about...

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