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It’s based on the blog you read here, but is an ‘uncut’ version packed full of the juicy bits The Herald couldn’t allow.

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Lee says that business has been boosted by a mixture of the faltering economy, which has increased the number of cash-hungry young members, and the robust number of baby boomers who, often with pharmaceutical assistance, are continuing to enjoy active sex lives.

"We are also noticing an increased number of college students signing up," he says.

Various men she has met on the site have paid her university fees in return for exclusive relationships.

Some viewers thought the lifestyle outlined in the documentary bordered on prostitution.

As we pulled into Crosshill, I had given up my British decorum and was hammering the ‘open’ button.

The doors slid apart and I got out onto the beautifully cold platform and watched the train disappear. I’ll be late now and will have to explain and apologise and get my pay docked but I was just so glad to be off that train. ‘Juggling.’ ‘Then you need to ask if you can put up with a man who devotes so much time to playing with his balls.’ ‘I’m just worried,’ I told him ‘that he’ll pull out at the last minute.’ ‘Why, he’s not Catholic is he?

I put my i Pod on and tackled the long hike into called. He can’t just drop everything because I want to pin him down.’ ‘Rubbish!

The newspaper was founded by an Edinburgh-born printer called John Mennons in January 1783 as a weekly publication called the Glasgow Advertiser.

I placed the fingertips of one hand on the glass of the door to try and feel how close fresh air and escape was.

I screwed my eyes shut and tried to make my mind glide off somewhere cool and empty.

You can keep in touch by liking my author page on Facebook here https:// The Clown had been thoughtful enough to set his radio alarm clock for me but, once The Today Programme clicked on, I was on my own.

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