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For romantic love to exist, you need to be romantic. You're supposed to walk your woman home because you're supposed to care that she gets home safe.

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If this is your first date together and you feel no urge to put in a little extra effort, then I can tell you right now that it won't go anywhere.

That's right -- guys used to pick girls up and then go to dinner together.

Mostly because no one seems to understand what dating is supposed to be anymore.

These days, what gets labeled as a "date" is really just an unnecessarily extravagant booty call. You should be capable of differentiating the two and approaching the two different scenarios differently.

Picking her up before dinner will get you at least an extra 30 minutes. For starters, it's probably because he doesn't pick you up and then take you to dinner (bringing flowers to the restaurant is a bit awkward and inconvenient).

But at the end of the day, it's because he either feels like it's too cheesy -- thank you modern-day dating culture -- or he doesn't care about you enough to put in that extra effort. And if your woman happens not to, bring her chocolates instead.I'm sure that most of the men reading this don't even remember the last time they picked a girl up and then went to dinner together.Such a sight is surely more common in suburban and more rural areas, but in urban settings, it's basically nonexistent.Before you know it, you're six drinks in and beginning to slur your words.I feel that the more "official" the date is, the more people watch how much they drink. In fact, I'd say that the guy should only pick up the tab on the first date.However, chances are that if you aren't really on the date in order to date the person, but just there to hopefully get a little action after dinner, you're going to get pretty smashed. After that, assuming both people can afford to pay for dinner, the bill should be put on rotation.

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