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I hope so.) This study also found that the , showed that liberals tended to prefer cats, while conservatives were more likely to be dog people.

I wonder about this, given FDR’s Fala and the fact that both Bill Clinton and George W.

But those preferring felines—while more introverted—are more sensitive and open-minded.

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Bush had a cat their own personalities,” Beatrice Alba and Nick Haslam hypothesized that dog people preferred “having pets that are submissive to them” and that, therefore, this group should score higher on personality characteristics associated with dominance.

They tested for Social Dominance Orientation (SDO), interpersonal dominance, competitiveness, and narcissism.

After all, like those who bring the mail, neither rain nor sleet nor heat nor gloom of night deters the dog owner.

On the other hand, the cat person enters into a longer contract, since cats generally live longer than dogs (though nowhere near as long as parrots, which is a whole other story).

Dogs are also a lot more work than cats, which says a lot.

Does it mean that the dog person is by nature more accommodating, willing to work harder at relationships, and lives a more complicated life than a cat person?

Is the cat owner someone you can trust for the long-haul commitment and quiet evenings at home?

It’s worth saying that cat “owner” may be a misnomer since cats tend to own their people; that, too, differentiates the cat person who may not have the control issues a dog person might, may be more self-sufficient, and might not need the external validation a dog person gets.

They also tend to be more non-conformist—perhaps echoing the independence for which cats are famous—and score higher on intelligence tests.

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