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We use both human and electronic screening techniques and constantly update and modify our security measures.We conduct a detailed manual review of each applicant to determine whether to approve him or her for membership.Note: If you do share your love story with us, please let us know if you prefer to keep it private so we don’t post it on our site. I have met many wonderful people who even though may or may not be a fit, everyone is pleasant, honest and respectful. I have found the love of my life and hopefully for the rest of it too!

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We have over 40,000 active members from 151 countries – and we’re growing every day.

All of us at Rose work hard to give you everything you need to enjoy your experience here.

The mission of Rose is to help you find your perfect match by opening up opportunities to connect with people from other countries and cultures.

If you are single and want to enrich your life with a long-term relationship with someone from overseas, you will be pleased with what Rose has to offer.

If you have too, please share your experience with us by writing to [email protected]

Please include some photos of you and your match – it’s very rewarding for us to know that our hard work really can make a difference in people’s lives.For your convenience, in the Resources section we have posted a Safe Dating Guide and information on How to Avoid Dating Scams and Frauds.We also ask members to alert us to possible fraudulent activity or violation of our Terms of Use so we can take action as necessary.We’ll guide you through the steps for creating a profile.Choose a username that reflects something about you, is unique to you, or is just easy to remember.With a photo and completed profile you increase your chances of finding the right person tenfold.

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