Garcelle beauvais nilon dating

“I really wanted to be careful and choose wisely on the man that I would bring home to my son,” she says.So, when Beauvais met talent agent Mike Nilon, she thought she had finally found the perfect mate.

It's possible that, as with Johansson, 50-year-old Penn bonded with the 44-year-old Beauvais over a mutual interest in Haiti.

Beauvais, who was born in Haiti, lost an aunt in the earthquake that struck the country last year.

In the middle of her show’s five-season run, the actress divorced her first husband, producer Daniel Saunders, with whom she has a son.

For her child’s sake, Beauvais says she vowed to be very selective in whom she would date from that point on.

She also made a short film, "Eyes to See," about the relief efforts.

Penn, too, has been very active in helping the country since the disaster.

I remember reading about Haitian born actress Garcelle Beauvais’ divorce and was shocked to hear her husband had cheated on her since it wasn’t too long after she had her twin boys.

On an episode of Oprah’s ‬ ‪”Where are they now“‬ Garcelle is speaking out about the downward spiral of second her marriage that took place following her five season run on “The Jamie Foxx Show.” [HUFTPOST] Garcelle Beauvais’ big break in the television industry occurred nearly 20 years ago, when she starred opposite award-winning actor Jamie Foxx on the sitcom “The Jamie Foxx Show.” From 1996 to 2001, Beauvais played Foxx’s love interest, Fancy.

Garcelle Beauvais did not take her husband’s infidelity well when she found out he was cheating two years ago. Now, two years later she claims to have put all that bitterness behind her. With time, I have learned to peacefully and actively co-parent for the sake of our sons.

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