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Interior Design for i Pad is one of the only mobile apps in the world that supports render, giving you the ability to create an amazing 3D image of your design including shadows and other special effects.The render feature is available on i Pad 2 and above.

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* Rooms with Unique Shapes - If the layout you’re creating has unique corners or room features, Interior Design for i Pad will help you create the layout precisely no matter how sharp the corners.

You can move any wall to the exact position you need.

Apply materials to single walls (interior and exterior) (3D)Modified “Apply All” Button To apply a material to all components of the same type in your scene, simply drag a material to the object, tap the material you want to replace, and then tap “Replace All”. Better 2D Mode Objects applied with custom materials now exhibit these materials on the 2D screen (instead of the default materials).

Edit Across Rooms and Floors (3D)Now you can edit objects in a different room or floor than you’re located in.

Use two fingers gesture to raise or lower them on the wall.

Lock Objects (2D, 3D)Now you can lock objects so they cannot be modified in any way.

Locked objects is a good way to prevent applying new materials to them when the “Apply All” feature is used.

Apply materials to doors and windows (3D)Just like objects, you can drag and drop materials on doors and windows.

* Drag and drop windows and doors - Drag your windows and doors around your 2D layout to find the perfect position for them.

* Walkthrough/Dollhouse mode in 3D - Take a first hand tour of your layout in walkthrough/dollhouse mode, all in stunning, real-time 3D.

The app includes shadows and other effects to render an amazing image in just minutes, and does it without sacrificing user-friendlessness or performance.

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