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Now restart your phone by holding down the volume down and power button simultaneously.

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(this is commonly known as Nandroid backup, although it doesn’t say so in the Recovery menu) At the main Recovery screen, select “Install zip from sd card”, then choose “choose zip from sd card”.

Now simply select the CM7 file on your SD card and install it.

The original Phab and Phab Plus shipped with Android 5.0, but the rest are on 6.0.

Lenovo also says the Tab3 7 Essential will stay on Lollipop, and the Tab3 10 Business will stay on Marshmallow (both tablets were released last year).

3) It also allows you to install a custom ROM (more on that in Part 2 of the guide).

4) After rooting you can do numerous other stuff as well such as turning off the security flag on your device (S-off), updating the radio on your desire, install custom kernels (ex. Now that we’re clear about what root access gives you and what it is, we’ll get down to the actual process.

The first step to modifying your stock Desire, is rooting it.

Root refers to getting SU permissions (super user access) to the Android OS, just like a Administrator on a Windows PC.

Installing a custom ROM changes the feel and look of your HTC Desire (and mostly, removes the HTC Sense UI aswell as HTC only apps, like Friend stream) and adds extra features aswell.

If you have a rooted Desire, you should definitely try out all the ROMS out there.

The exclusion of the Phab2 Pro from further updates is especially ridiculous, considering it was released less than a year ago and was the first widely-available phone with Project Tango AR.

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