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Filmmaker Jennifer Fox (Beirut: The Last Home Movie, An American Love Story) is a seasoned New Yorker struggling to juggle work, a married lover, a boyfriend, and her newly found desire to have a child.

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Initially, there is an unclear definition of Jennifer's relationships with the men in her life: one, being involved with married man, who justifies his involvement with being unhappy in his marriage, the lover; and another man, also living half way around the world from New York, who is considered the boyfriend, but also a lover.

Somehow, having the belief that one will get meaning and fulfillment in life through this process becomes almost an excuse, while ignoring the consequences.

Jennifer shares how her having been sexually abused by her track coach, when she was 13 years old, led her to not being able to love.

She didn't want to become a victim and never shared this with anyone while growing up; she dealt with it by herself.

There is an interesting dialogue about what is natural and unnatural, including marriage, homosexuality, or dealing with medical-ethical challenges, like saving a child from death with surgery something which is certainly "unnatural", while condemning other human behaviors which are genetically influenced, like homosexuality, and wondering what should be considered moral or amoral in these circumstances.

These important themes are also not developed further.

They didn't have the word masturbate in their language.

Some people would say that these women's minds and souls may have been corrupted by such a conversation!

Jennifer Fox's Flying is quite an honest search into the hearts and minds of women around the world on the subject of love, men, and children. It is an agonizing introspective look of someone searching for love or the achievement of themselves as `a woman`, many times it seems she doesn't even love herself, she states in the introductions, she never wanted to be a girl - meaning she wanted the freedom her father had.

It is fascinating to hear women's perspectives and to simultaneously see the unfolding of one woman's journey into learning about herself and what she thought was her idea of love at the same time. This would be a great series to watch for a course in women's studies, psychology or some related discussion group. I just want to ask her where is the affection you should have for yourself and some empathy for others.

But let me emphasize there is a lot of powerful discussion and thoughtful material in here - it's just not very entertaining - hopefully that wasn't its' purpose.

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