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She sheepishly lifted the shirt over her head and slid it from her arms.

She quickly moved to unbuckle her leather studded belt and then unsnapped and unzipped her jeans.

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She lowered the jeans down her firm tan legs and stepped from the wadded garment.

As she straightened before us her body was magnificent. Joe guided to the chair in front of a dressing table along the wall.

By the way don’t even try to be modest in front of us.

I want to know what size your knockers are that’s bulging in that tee shirt.” As she stood and lowered her hands to the hem of her tee shirt she mumbled through her gag “34C”.

To Tina’s dismay our party plans didn’t include her this time.

We searched the house to make sure there weren’t any weapons.

She then, to our surprise, started brushing each pony tail. When she was done she laid the brush down and turned to await our next command.

We knew we had to capture her image on our equipment before she got destroyed.

Joe readied the stun gun and took his place behind the front door. I picked up her books while John scooped her into his arms.

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