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You, as the legitimate owner of your personal data, by using the Site hereby represent to be an adult to the date that the same is provided and to have full legal capacity in your jurisdiction.Edits, comments, commentaries and other contributions to the Site made or provided by you will be publicly distributed, and except in certain, very limited circumstances, will remain a permanent part of this site.

The Interaction Design Foundation (“IDF”), a non-governmental, privately held organization located at Chr.

Molbechs Vej 4, DK-8000, Aarhus C, Denmark, during the normal course of its activities, collects personal data about you and other users, for the purposes set forth in this Personal Data Use and Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the “Privacy Policy”), by means of the website located at https:// the “Site”) and/or other websites used and/or controlled by IDF from time to time.

Browsing the Site does not reveal your identity publicly.

Data collection for registered members is – by necessity – more extensive in order to allow the Site to function and operate with it.

For non-registered website visitors – as opposed to fully registered and paying members – IDF collects data commonly collected on most analogous websites (e.g.

through Google Analytics or another analytics product).

Personal data and any membership information provided by you to IDF when you enter and/or register into the Site will be used, among other purposes, to: (i) maintain a register of members and users; (ii) supply you with any goods and services you may request from IDF from time to time via the Site; (iii) creating browsing and consumption preferences profiles of you and other users in order to make them recommendations and provide them with links to certain goods and services; and (iv) creating databases to be used to send users e-mails with promotions, advertising and information of the Site.

By entering, using and/or registering into the Site, you hereby provide IDF with your explicit consent for the collection, treatment and processing of your personal data according to this Privacy Policy.

As an example, IDF records, including but not limited to, the following items: Please be advised that part or all of this information will be shown on your “Public Profile page” as means of identification by other members and in order to generate engagement and participation by our community.

IDF only publicly discloses data which is commonly and publicly available for most people through the Internet, such as name, profile picture, country and city of residence and links to personal social media pages and the website of each member.

IDF undertakes daily incremental backups and has 24/7/365 onsite management and surveillance.

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