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100 Court Fee Stamp In Case Of Non Availability Of Wedding Card Rs 100=00 Stamp Paper Affidavit Of Both Husband Wife And Three Witnesses Is Required Rs.

100/- Court Fee Stamp Photographs Of Both Bridegroom / Bride Note : All Above Documents Should Be Submitted Along With Original 1 Attested Zerox Copy.

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If you want edit any data before you submit to Marriage Registrar than you can use this Data Entry Number and use Password which you created on step 1 Making Marriage File – Now Bride and Bridegroom need to make file for same.

Which include the NOTICE OF INTENDED MARRIAGE and Reference Documents.

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What to do on Marriage Date – This is simplest and funny question but seriously it is important to know what the list of document you need to carry otherwise everything go in mess.

Witness need to carry original document same as mentioned in Intend of Marriage request.Step 7: If Click on “Home” By clicking on Home, it will take you home page of Marriage Registration.Point to take note – Data Entry Number is reference number for your information.Step 3: Filling Wife Data Kindly follow same step as you did for previous page.Make sure all filling information is matching to your document as well.The Parties (Bride & Groom) And Three Witnesses To The Marriage Shall Appear In Person Before The Registrar And Sign And Memorandum Under Section 6(B) Of Maharashtra Marriage Act, 1998 May, 2016 – All Bride and Bridegroom need to apply for Marriage Online and get printout of them and submit to Marriage Registrar with all document.

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