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To find your local unemployment office, and other helpful information, visit the Department of Labor website.

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Many free services are offered including job listings, career counseling, resume and cover letter writing help, and training.

Take advantage of the help they can give you - it will make your job search easier.

Review the information you will need to open a claim. In most cases, if you voluntarily left employment you are not eligible.

Then, visit your state unemployment office to determine the best way to open a claim and to get started collecting unemployment. However, if you left for "good cause" you may be able to collect.

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On the other hand, overall trading net revenue declined 15% year-over-year driven by continued declines in fixed income, currencies, and commodities net revenue, while equity markets were flat year-over-year.The purpose of unemployment insurance is to provide workers, who are unemployed through no fault of their own, with monetary payments for a specific period of time or until the worker finds a new job.Unemployment benefits are provided by state unemployment insurance programs within guidelines established by Federal law.In addition, there are eligibility requirements to qualify for unemployment benefits including working a certain number of weeks.Regular unemployment benefits are paid for a maximum of 26 weeks, less in some states.If you are having difficulty connecting with a representative, the best time to call unemployment without having to be on hold for a long time is later in the week, and either early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

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