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I couldn’t get a good look at her legs, but I was happy to check her boobs one more time. I have a whole bunch of questions here that I have to ask.” I reached for my t-shirt, but she picked it up and set it aside before I could grab it. These thoughts did little to distract me from being almost completely naked in front of a woman.

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“Okay, I think we’re good there.” She went and got her stethoscope. Yeah, now that I was paying attention, those puppies were rather substantial. I got a quick look at them, and they were quite attractive.

“Sit up and take your shirt off for me.” I was done arguing with her. Her brunette hair was pulled back, and her nurse’s uniform was maybe a little tighter than it was meant to be. She had nylons on and they made her skin look smooth and perfect.

I ran toward what I call the “pummel horse,” hit the spring board, and launched myself into the air. When we got out into the corridor, Michelle checked that no one was around to see, then said, “Here, put your arm on my shoulder before you end up breaking your other ankle.” “It’s my knee, actually.” “I don’t care, whatever.” I draped my arm over her shoulder and she took some of my weight. “I masturbate most mornings before I come here to school, then again when I get home. “Tell you what, let’s take a break from the survey and finish the exam.” “Finish?

” If it wasn’t for being able to watch the girls jumping around and showing off I’d totally hate the gymnastics unit. Watching me get out of gym with the hottest chic in our class by my side probably had all of them thinking about face-planting off the pummel horse themselves. ” “I do.” She didn’t seem to be getting embarrassed no matter how hard I tried. I meant it when I said we could be honest with each other.” She patted my leg and put the clipboard aside.

“You’re about the same size as my favorite dildo, the one I keep under my pillow. It’s like a fake rubber or plastic penis that women use when they masturbate.

I know you’re curious about how girls do it by themselves.” I had a pretty good idea what a dildo was after being called one on so many occasions, but it was nice to hear her explanation. ” “They do, but it’s a little different than the way boys do.” She switched hands so she was jerking me with her left and her right drifted up to my hairless chest.

“I acquired my taste for it when I was just about your age.

You should give it a try after you jerk off sometime.” “Yeah, maybe.” It wasn’t something I really wanted to do, but I had the feeling that I probably would just to see what she was talking about.

“My goodness, this cock of yours is very stubborn, isn’t it?

I’m thinking that maybe you need a little more inspiration. ” “Sure, yeah, I love tits.” “Then let’s see if this helps.” She unbuttoned her uniform all the way down.

“I just...well, it wouldn’t be...because…” “Alex, relax. I’m a nurse.” Her hands remained high up on my thigh. You don’t have to be embarrassed with me.” Oh God, she knew. Nothing to do but get this over with as quickly as possible, then go join the French Foreign Legion. ” “No, I guess not.” Her examination continued and I could feel one of her fingertips occasionally glide along the inside edge of my tightie-whities. “A lot of girls like that.” She waggled her eyebrows at me suggestively. She was definitely pretty, but not in a very showy way. You’re a very sexual y oriented young man.” “Are there many more questions like this? ” “A little.” “There nothing to be embarrassed about, Alex. “Everything looks perfect down there, Alex.” She gave my butt one of her friendly pats. Now let me help you back up onto the table.” I reached for my shorts, but she held me back.

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