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She finds the young man in the next room, dressed in his nun's garb in the bed.The subsequent title card reads "around three in the morning".

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The young woman pushes him away as he drifts off and she attempts to escape by running to the other side of the room.

The young man corners her as she reaches for a racquet in self-defense, but he suddenly picks up two ropes and drags two grand pianos containing dead and rotting donkeys, stone tablets containing the Ten Commandments, two pumpkins, and two rather bewildered priests (played by Jaime Miravilles and Salvador Dalí) who are attached by the ropes.

She is then run over by a car and a few bystanders gather around her.

The young man and the young woman watch these events unfold from the apartment window.

Apple products sell out quickly in China, the demand fuelling the factories churning out fake i Phones, i Pads and i Pods.

Miss Ma's brother, Yuelun, told Apple Daily that the family believe she died from an electric shock while answering a call and that the phone and its accessories have been handed over to the Chinese authorities.

There is a cut to an androgynous young woman, with bobbed hair and dressed in rather masculine attire, in the street below the apartment.

She pokes at a severed human hand with her cane while surrounded by a large crowd and a policeman.

Tragic: Ma Ailun, 23, a former flight attendant with China Southern Airlines, died when she picked up her i Phone as it charged at home, her family said.

Ma often took pictures of herself with her phone and posted them online (above)There were also safety warnings about the millions of cheap copycat phones and chargers on the market.

The young man is roused from his rest by the sound of a door-buzzer ringing (represented visually by a Martini shaker being shaken by a set of arms through two holes in a wall).

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