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Cut a two-inch strip of black patterned paper and cut random triangles out along one edge. I like to adhere just the front first and allow to dry before coming back folding to adhere the sides.

I chose to leave the back exposed, but you could also overlap another strip to complete the design around the entire box.

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These amazing chat rooms are always full of hot shemales who enjoy exploring and chatting about the LGBT and all things to do with transgender and the gay world. Do you need to speak to others who share the same feelings as you?

All of my XXX chats are solo, many requests and fetishes welcomed.

Check out my profile to learn more about show types & what's available.

Once you sign up an account & you can choose to be notified when I'm online.

(Yes, this means I won't use "the N word" or say "Daddy" - neither are my style.)A: I'm only trying to comply with the rules set by those larger cam networks.

They don't want their customers being driven to other cam systems because they won't see a cut of money for shows performed elsewhere.A: I don't want to seem like a buzzkill and write out a huge list of "No-No's" but there are certainly things that I'm not physically, legally or otherwise comfortablely capable of doing so I'll mention few of them here so you'll have a better idea of sessions I steer clear of.I don't do any fisting, super HUGE toys, smoking, ATM, peeing, squirting, gagging to the point of eyes watering and/or vomiting, underage roleplaying, inc3st roleplaying, or race play.Fold in half and cut from the center toward each corner stopping an inch shy from edge.Cover the top of the box with a glue stick avoiding the center plastic. For the Frankenstein box, cut a strip of green patterned paper the height of your tissue box.I decided to give the old “peeled grapes for eyeballs” classic a try when I couldn’t come up with anything else and expected it to bomb. So this year I couldn’t wait to try it again with a new group of kids.

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